A common phrase when people leave Iceland is; “I wanted to do so much more, I wish I had more time, I’m definitely coming back.” No matter the interest, Iceland has it. In Iceland you’ll find clean and beautiful nature, historic sites, museums, geothermal pools, and endless entertainment possibilities and so much more. So on this page we have some suggestions about what to do and how to get about.


In Iceland there are endless possibilities of all kinds of tours or recreation.

First of all most travellers come to Iceland to enjoy the nature, so what is the best way to get the most out of it?

Well there are few options and of course although we have some ideas, it’s always personal what fits.


Our first suggestion is to hire a local guide and go on a private tour because he will not only go the places that every tourist visit, but also take you to some hidden pearls. Another important factor is that in most cases you can decide how long you stay on each site but of course with in some limits. The down side is that these tours are the most expensive ones.



The less expensive is to go on a tour bus. They will take you to the main attraction sites, sometimes with guidance but sometimes not. This is also a good way to see the Icelandic nature but the downside is that you need to follow the bus schedule and don’t have anything to say about how long or where to go.



If you are planning to hitchhike it is fairly safe in Iceland although it’s something we don’t recommend due to unstable weather and of course you never know who is going to pick you up although we want to underline that Icelanders are generally friendly and the crime rate is very low.


You might want to come here with your vehicle by ferry but then there are many options when it comes to hire a car in Iceland. You can hire them with driver (expensive), and then there are many car-rentals companies in Iceland, both with new cars and older models. Of course it takes more planning, especially if you want to explore the highland and its beautiful and untouched nature (4×4 cars are needed if you want to explore the highland). The plus is that you are your own boss but the downside is that you might miss some famous attractions because of unfamiliarity. Driving in Iceland is fairly easy if you have good road map or GPS, up in the highland you have to be extra careful especially driving across some rivers who are deep and not for small SUV such as Suzuki Jimmy or similar. Go to safetravel.is for further guidance.


More and more people decide to bike across the land. The one who decide to go on his bicycle is familiar with the advantage like taken it all in, the quietness or the nature sounds etc. The main roads in Iceland are asphalt roads but some of them are pretty narrow so if you decide to explore Iceland on your bike, make sure drivers sees you and wear helmet. Icelandic drivers are pretty considerate and luckily there haven’t been any bike accidents on Icelandic roads for the past years.


Here are some suggestions about things to do in alphabetic orders!

Art Galleries
ATV Quad bike Tours
Bicycle Rentals
Bike Tours
Bird Watching
Bus sightseeing tours
Dog sledding
Flightseeing Tours
Geothermal Baths and pools
Glacier Walk
Heli Skiing
Helicopter Tours
Horse riding
Horse Theatres
Ice Caves,


Inside the Volcano
Jet Boat on river
Lava Tube Caving
Local Food,
Mud Shark fishing
Northern Lights Tours
Puffin Tours
River Rafting
Sea angling
Seal Watching
Snowmobile Tours
Super Jeep Tours
Trout fishing
Volcano Tours
Whale watching

For further information on these suggestion or bookings, drop us a line (see below),
send message at info@icelandforever.is or call us at +354 899 8663 (see office hours here).

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