Northern Lights Aurora Borealis
Northern Lights Aurora Borealis
Northern Lights Aurora Borealis
Northern Lights Aurora Borealis



THE MAGIC OF THE NORTHERN LIGHTS                      IFAT 1548

We depart from Reykjavik City and head into the rural areas in our Super Jeeps. We will make an effort to find the best locations to view this amazing sky symphony of magical shapes and colors of the Northern Lights. To do that we both drive on regular roads and off-road but do not worry, our Super Jeeps are especially designed and build for that. The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) are mostly visible on nights when its cold and the sky is clear. Because of that we can not guarantee that we will see the Northern Lights but we will most certainly do our best to make this a journey you will never forget.

Departure: 21:00 (pick up is between 20:30 & 21:00).
Duration: 4 hours
Season: 15. September – 15. April.
Difficulty: Easy.
Minimum age: None.
Included: Super Jeep/Super truck tour, driver guide, pick up & drop off.

Pickup – Drop off: Make sure to check the box “Yes, we would like to be picked up” and “Drop off” when you book and select the right pick up place. Amazing Tours will pick you up between 20:30 – 21:00.

Attention points: If the weather conditions are not promising we might cancel the trip and schedule for another night. We cant guarantee that you will see the Northern Lights but if the tour is not successful you can join us free for another night.

Bring light snack and water. Do not forget your camera and make sure to bring warm clothes and good shoes.

If you are traveling single; you need to contact us before booking, see contact page.

Disclaimer: All trips are undertaken on the responsibility of its participants and they must be aware that outdoor activities involve risk and are undertaken at their own responsibility. Our tour operator does not carry any responsibility for accidents that are caused by its customers or can be traced to their own reckless behavior.

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